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Transfer Cart

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he transfer carts of GH allow movement charges at ground level in all types of industries and applications. The transfer carts are rugged and modular construction, available in a wide range of products also can be adapted to suit your need

They are equipped with all the safety devices needed for ground-level machinery movement. They are an important complement to cranes lifting heavy loads at ground level and the ideal solution for cargo transfer between ships

There are two main types of transfer carts, according to movement type:

  • Steerable transfer carts: These move in any direction. Available in battery powered version.
  • Transfer carts on rails: These move in a straight line. Available in battery-powered or electric versions, with movement via a winder or power line.

Technical Description:

Ware house, Iron and steel, hydro-power, Power Stations, wind power sectors, paper, Chemical, engineering, automotive, Railways, Shipbuilding, rolling mills and many other types of industries, Coal Mines, Petro Chemicals & Chemicals, Oil, Mines & Rigs, Fertilizers, Solvent extraction plants, Paints & Varnish, Industry, LPG Bottling plants, Agro Chemicals, Drugs & Pharmaceuticals, General Industry.

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