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Manually operated HOT Crane

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We at Krishna are leading Hot Crane Manufacturer, Supplier and exporter who design the best products of the market. Our robust cranes are made using a practical design and durable quality material and have a lot of beneficial features. All our cranes are made in strict adherence with the IS807, IS 3177, IS3832 & 6216-82 and other Indian Standard Specifications.

From design to area of installation and environmental factor to service types, we ensure to apply these standards to all the aspects of manufacturing. All the crane components are made according to the standards of Class – I mechanism as given in Table – I (IS-3177).

Types of Cranes:

Single Girder Hot Crane:

We design these cranes with durable quality materials to provide robust designs. These cranes assist lifting and moving heavy materials using equipment that works below the main girder. Long travel wheels run on the rails to support the single beam girder. A staunch chain block is also installed below the main girder.

Double Girder Hot Crane:

These cranes also help in lifting and moving heavy materials efficiently. The difference here is that they come with two beams to support the girder. They are available in a variety of shapes and sizes. We also install long travel wheels in them to support the girder. A chain is also installed at the top of the bridge girder.

Underslung Hot Crane:

These cranes are generally used in large factories that require extensive material lifting and shifting services. Work stations involved in manufacturing or maintenance application usually work with these cranes. Such stations use these cranes for carrying load from beginning to end in the process. They also are supplied with long travel wheels and chain block below the girder.

Design Parts of the Manually operated HOT Crane

Trolley Frame

We design the pulley block’s frame in order to ensure optimum strength and seamless alignment under all conditions. The complete design is made to withstand all type of lateral and torsional strains efficiently.

Load Chain wheel

The load wheels are made using malleable castings of the heavy-duty type. They come with precise chain pockets which ensure seamless operation. The wheels are mounted to 2 smooth ball bearings for optimum operation. A shaft or spline is used to secure the load wheel efficiently. The wheels are also equipped with a guide which help them work in a desired manner. We also equip it with a stripper which help in disengaging the load chain from the wheel.

Hand Chain Wheel

Hand chain wheels are made using sheet steels. This minimized the possibilities of chain breakage. A guide is provided with these wheels as well which ensures that the chain does not leave the wheel or gets tangled within the mechanism.


We use only machine cut and case-hardened gears made from alloy steel. They are designed according to the recommendations of IS 3681. They are also made shockproof according to the guidelines of IS 4460. The gears work efficiently for the prescribed time period without issues. If the gears are enclosed, we also provide special lubrications.

Load Chain

The load chain is made using alloy steel and adheres is of the grade 80 IS: 6216. The uniformly welded and heat treated for a robust and staunch build that is resistant to wear and tear. We adjust the chains in an optimum way that ensures free movement. All the links are tested at least twice and can thus endure severe strains. The length of the chain is also designed optimally to provide the best performance. The chain number is fixed at a level that requires a maximum effort of 35 kg.

Hand Chain

In this case, we use the grade 80 chain. It is polished and untwisted for ideal usage. It comes with optimum sealing. When suspended at the lowest point, the length of the chain stays at least 400mm above the level of operation.

Load Break

We equip the chain block with a mechanical load brake that is self-automated. It ensures that there is no self-lowering of the lifter material and the load is maintained properly in all positions. It also helps a smoother operation of the load and prevents overheating. This brake is usually of the spring-loaded ratchet mechanism.The components of the brake are strong enough to counter the gravitational force on the load. They are made using steel and are hardened to create a staunch structure.

Top Hook

The top hook is equipped with a chain pulley which assists in suspension. Its design is according to the standards of IS 8610. They have a robust and staunch design. A swivel system is made of the top hook which ensures a swivel movement of the pulley block when there is no load.

Lifting Hook

The lifting hook is made according to the IS 3815 standards and is of the shank type. The fabrication material used is steel. A thrust type ball bearing or roller bearing helps the movement of the hook.

Trolley Wheel

We use single flanged trolley wheels which are made using forged steel. They are appropriate for broad range uses and work according to the I-beam section standards. The wheels are installed on roller type ball bearing of spherical bearings. According to the requirements, the axles of the wheel are – stationary or rotating. A trolley chain of the 80 IS 6216 grade is used for trolley assemble. The end carriages run on a 200*100 mm I-beam.


A hand chain and gear train is used to operate the hoist. The hand chain can be pulled to a height of 0.8 M above the operating floor.

Chain Pulley block

We use a triple-geared IS 3832 chain pulleys for the hoisting block. Its components adhere to the below-mentioned standards.


The hooks are made using heavy-duty steel and are according the guidelines of IS: 8760. Thrust bearings are used to assist these hooks in order to ensure smooth movements.

Load wheel

We use heavy duty load wheels using IS 1865 complimentary SG iron. They are also provided with anti-friction roller bearings which ensures seamless operation.


The gears we use are smoothened using a gear shaping machine. They are of the spur and helical type. We use Mg-Cr alloy steel to fabricate these gears. They are hardened efficiently to withstand heavy loads. They are firmly mounted on bearings.

Bridge Girders

We use the plate welded box type design for all our bridge girders which provides maximum threshold against vertical lateral forces. The main girder is allowed a deflection of only up to 1/900th span of the live load which includes the trolley weight.


We only use the I.S. 2062 steel or a complement to create the main load bearings.

Material & Workmanship

We only use high quality material for all the carne parts that we manufacture. They are all designed in a way to ensure optimum safety with stresses and shocks as well.


The entire structure is painted using one red oxide layers and two layers of enamel paints.


The cranes are designed in accordance with IS-807, IS-3177 code of practice for design, manufacturing, erection & testing of structural part of the crane & IS-3177 code of practice for design of overhead traveling crane. In the design of components adequate factor of safety, as per relevant code is allowed, impact, fatigue, wear & stresses concentration factors are taken wherever applicable.


Steel conforming to I.S. 2062 of or equivalent is used in the manufacturing of the main load bearing members..

Material & Workmanship

All material used in the crane are selected from quality material. Adequate factor of safety are used in the design of all parts subjected to stresses and shocks.


The main hoisting L.T. & C.T. are totally enclosed in dust proof construction either TEFC / TESC CLASS ‘F’ 40% CDF insulation of reputed make.


All gear boxes used in the cranes are totally enclosed in dust proof construction. The gears run in all bath & hence, no external lubrication is required. Pinions are of EN-19 & gears are of EN-9 forged/rolled steel & are keyed to carbon steel shaft. Gears & pinions are all precision machined. The shaft rotate on antifriction type ball/roller bearings. Use of totally enclosed gear box though costlier but it is desirable in view of the increased transmission efficiency & longer gear life.


E.H.T./E.M. type brakes are provided in the hoisting. L.T. & C.T. motion these are automatically released when the motor circuit is on & are applied when the motor circuit is off. This is features works as a positive safety device as the brakes automatically comes into operation when the power supply fails.


All moving parts of the cranes are supported on antifriction type ball/roller bearings.


Flexible/Universal/Geared coupling are provided between all gear boxes & motors.


The cranes is provided with necessary lubrication fittings to facilities maintenance.


The cranes are either floor operated or cabin operated as required by client for floor operated crane pendent. Push button station is suspended from one end of bridge at suitable height from the floor level with step down voltage of 110 V.

Power Supply

The crane is suitable for operation of 415 V + 6% volts, 3 Phase, 50 Cycles , A.C. Supply.

Crab Frame

The frame work is of all welded construction, fabricated from rolled steel section & plates. The hoist & cross travel mechanism mounted on this frame.

Hoist Machinery

Hoist mechanism consists of motor, brake, gear box, rope drum & bottom block.

Rope Drum

The drum is of mild steel fabricated construction having right & left hand spiral grooves machined to suit the hoisting ropes. The drum is of such that there is not more than one layer when rope is full wound also length of the drum is such that each lead of drum when hook is its lowest position & one spare grooves for each rope lead when the hook its highest position.

Wire Rope

Wire rope is of best plough steel, fiber core normally in 6x36 construction having tensile strength of 160/175kgs./ [1570 N/sq. mm]. The wire rope has a factor of safety in accordance with IS-3177 depending on the class of the duty of the crane. The make of wire rope will be Usha Martin.

Bottom Block

The hook is of single plain shank type conforming to I.S. 3815 & made of forged steel or equivalent supported on thrust bearings.

Rope Sheaves

Its are C.I. running on bearing, adequate guards are provided to prevent the rope from leaving the sheaves.

Limit Switches

Limit switches are provided of reputed make to prevent the rope the over lowering & hoisting.

Cross Travel Machinery

Cross travel machinery consists of motor totally enclosed dust proof gear box, brake etc.


The wheel of the trolley & the end carriage shall be forged steel conforming to IS-2707Grill duly spin hardened to 300BHN material. Double flanged L type straight tread type fitted with antifriction bearings for ease of the maintenance.

Bridge Girders

The girders are of plate welded BOX type construction designed to sustain all stresses arising due to vertical lateral forces with impact to which they are subjected. The maximum deflection of the main girder is limited to 1/900th span of live load including the weight of the trolley.

Trolley Track

Suitable square steel section tracks are provided for travel of the trolley. These are welded on the girders.

End Stoppers for Cross Travel Trolley

Steel end stoppers are provided on either side of the bridge to limit the motion of the trolley.


M.S. chequered plate / anti skid platform shall be provided for full length of one side of the bridge girder ( If required by client ).

End Carriages

End carriages are fabricated from rolled steel section/plate with adeaclate diaphragms & stiffeners to give a rigid construction. The girders with gusset plates are set on the end carriages & joined with bolt in rimmed holes wooden / rubber buffers are provided on either side crane and carriages.

Long Travel Mechanism

The driving machinery for the long travel motion is either single motor drive or twine motor drive.

Twin Drive Motor Arrangement

In this case, independent driving units comprising of motor gear box, brake etc. are coupled together & are mounted at either end platform. We are using our helical gear box for L.T. drive arrangement.


In this case, independent driving units comprising of motor gear box, brake etc. are coupled together & are mounted at either end platform. We are using our helical gear box for L.T. drive arrangement.

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