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Jib Crane

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We at Krishna are skilled Jib Crane Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter. To ensure optimum quality, we design these cranes by strictly following the standards of IS 3938 and IS 807. Our cranes are robust and sturdy and can manage very heavyweights. They have a broad reach and are thus very efficient in their work.

They provide a cost-effective material handling option with staunch designs. Designed to provide prominent lifting solutions, they have a lifting and handling capacity of 1 ton to 5 ton. They also have a flexible design for better mobility and thus assist your work seamlessly.

Types of Jib Cranes:


These cranes are designed in a way which allows them to stand independently without any assistance. They are capable of complete 360-degree rotation. Their types can be base plate mounted, foundation mounted or sleeve insert mounted based on the client requirements. Their lifting capacity is 1.5 – 5 tons which can be maximized till 15 tons.


These cranes work as the budget-friendly alternative to freestanding models which provide 360-degree rotation but come without a mounting foundation. Overhead building steel and even floor are used to support the crane. They are available in 2 design type – full cantilever and drop cantilever. Their general lifting capacity is 1.5 – 5 tons.


These cranes provide rotation of up to 200-degrees. Their available design types are cantilever and tie rod supported. They are a budget friendly alternative for your material lifting needs. They are capable of lifting up to 5 tons of weight. Higher capacity cranes can also be designed if required.These cranes provide the users with maximum control and optimum efficiency. They provide the investing organizations with high ROI. They simplify the process of material handling to a significant extent. No expertise is required to operate these jib cranes which ensure high safety. The installation of these cranes can be done directly on concrete floors. No special material is required for the same.

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