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Double Girder EOT Crane

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We at Krishna are leading Double Girder EOT Crane Manufacturer, Exporter and Supplier. Our cranes are designed for optimum efficiency, minimum losses and complete safety. That is why our cranes are made strictly according to the duty classification standards of IS – 3177. While to ensure the efficiency of the structured parts of the cranes, we follow the IS – 807 standards for designing and manufacturing them.

These cranes are made with a durable design for heavy lifting and have a strong lifting and loading capacity of a staunch 1 to 50 tons. The span of these cranes is designed to be 1 to 40 meters.

Selection Guide for Double Girder Crane:

Class – I Light Duty: These cranes require minimal maintenance and don’t come in frequent use. The cranes in this category are the ones used in activities like occasional plant maintenance. They perform optimally with a maximum usage of 1000 working hours per year. They have a light structure and slow speed.
Class – II Medium Duty: Wherever moderate activity is required, this class of cranes is used. They are the most widely used crane types and can be seen in workshops, warehouses, procession plants. Etc. They can withstand up to 2000 working hours per annum.
Class – III Heavy Duty: In some work units, cranes not only help in material handling, but also in the production. In such stations, the Class III heavy duty cranes are used. These cranes work for 3000 hours per year.
Class – IV Extra Heavy Duty: The cranes in this class are very unique, robust and sturdy. They are used for steel and cement industries, strong houses, etc. If a unit requires continuous duty operation, they go for the Class IV cranes.

Design Parts of the Double Girder EOT Crane


The design of these cranes comes with compact dimensions and a low weight. They are easy to use, maintain and handle. The design is of the modular type which can be easily installed between components.


These cranes are equipped with cylindrical rotor motors and are made with aluminium sections. They have built-in safety brakes of class F insulation and IP54 protection.


The gearbox is of the flat helical type. They are made with light alloys and case-hardened gears. They also have quality surface treatment and are equipped with permanent lubrication.


The brakes have a dual-disc electromagnetic design. They come with the feature of automatic operation in the case of power failure. These breaks are staunch and can withstand up to 1 million braking operations.

Electrical Panel

The electric panels have a modular design and encompass and a wide operation range. They are easy to install and require minimal maintenance and are thus reliable. They also provide fuse-less circuitry. An overload protection device with a motor is used to secure each drive group from severe overloading.


All the parts are painted with two layers of primer before the process of assembling. They are finished off with two layers of enamel after the testing process is done.

Limit Switches

The cranes have staunch limit switches which prevent the situations of over hoisting and also ensure that over lowering of hooks also doesn’t take place.

Push Button Stations

They are made using quality aluminium. They come with easy operation methodology and are very light in weight.

Soft Starts

They are electrically linked with the long travel drives. They ensure that the cranes have a seamless jerk-free start.

Maintenance Platform with Hand Railing

They ensure quick and convenient maintenance of the crane and are spread along the length of the girder.


The buffers are fabricated using rubber (natural, Nitrile, Neoprene, etc. based on client requirements) and come in a lot of different shapes and sizes. They are helpful for vibration controls and also for damping.


The neutralise the extra heavy weight of the loads and protect the crane from damage.

Crane Cabin Operated

Operators in cabs are used to control cranes and are connected to bridges and trolleys.

Bumper (Buffer)

They helps nullify the harmful impacts on the crane after it crosses its permitted travel limit. Buffers dissipate energy while bumpers absorb energy for doing the same They are usually attached to trolleys and bridges.


Bridges are in the shape of vertical plates and are installed between girders. They support the structure and help the coordination of the wheels on the rail.


The diaphragm also works like a bridge and makes the crane structure sturdier by supporting it.

Deflection (Live Load)

It is the shift caused in the bridge girder position in the vertical plane. It is caused by the trolley weight.

Dead Load

It is the weight of the steel crane which move along the crane runway girder.

Longitudinal Travel Motion

It is the cumulative motion of the crane on its tracks.


It is measured by the centre-to-centre distance between two runway rails./p>


It is measured as the centre-to-centre distance of the last wheels of a trolley when parallel to the axis of the rail.


The cranes are designed in accordance with IS-807, IS-3177 code of practice for design, manufacturing, erection & testing of structural part of the crane & IS-3177 code of practice for design of overhead traveling crane. In the design of components adequate factor of safety, as per relevant code is allowed, impact, fatigue, wear & stresses concentration factors are taken wherever applicable.


Steel conforming to I.S. 2062 of or equivalent is used in the manufacturing of the main load bearing members..

Material & Workmanship

All material used in the crane are selected from quality material. Adequate factor of safety are used in the design of all parts subjected to stresses and shocks.


The main hoisting L.T. & C.T. are totally enclosed in dust proof construction either TEFC / TESC CLASS ‘F’ 40% CDF insulation of reputed make.


All gear boxes used in the cranes are totally enclosed in dust proof construction. The gears run in all bath & hence, no external lubrication is required. Pinions are of EN-19 & gears are of EN-9 forged/rolled steel & are keyed to carbon steel shaft. Gears & pinions are all precision machined. The shaft rotate on antifriction type ball/roller bearings. Use of totally enclosed gear box though costlier but it is desirable in view of the increased transmission efficiency & longer gear life.


E.H.T./E.M. type brakes are provided in the hoisting. L.T. & C.T. motion these are automatically released when the motor circuit is on & are applied when the motor circuit is off. This is features works as a positive safety device as the brakes automatically comes into operation when the power supply fails.


All moving parts of the cranes are supported on antifriction type ball/roller bearings.


Flexible/Universal/Geared coupling are provided between all gear boxes & motors.


The cranes is provided with necessary lubrication fittings to facilities maintenance.


The cranes are either floor operated or cabin operated as required by client for floor operated crane pendent. Push button station is suspended from one end of bridge at suitable height from the floor level with step down voltage of 110 V.

Power Supply

The crane is suitable for operation of 415 V + 6% volts, 3 Phase, 50 Cycles , A.C. Supply.

Crab Frame

The frame work is of all welded construction, fabricated from rolled steel section & plates. The hoist & cross travel mechanism mounted on this frame.

Hoist Machinery

Hoist mechanism consists of motor, brake, gear box, rope drum & bottom block.

Rope Drum

The drum is of mild steel fabricated construction having right & left hand spiral grooves machined to suit the hoisting ropes. The drum is of such that there is not more than one layer when rope is full wound also length of the drum is such that each lead of drum when hook is its lowest position & one spare grooves for each rope lead when the hook its highest position.

Wire Rope

Wire rope is of best plough steel, fiber core normally in 6x36 construction having tensile strength of 160/175kgs./ [1570 N/sq. mm]. The wire rope has a factor of safety in accordance with IS-3177 depending on the class of the duty of the crane. The make of wire rope will be Usha Martin.

Bottom Block

The hook is of single plain shank type conforming to I.S. 3815 & made of forged steel or equivalent supported on thrust bearings.

Rope Sheaves

Its are C.I. running on bearing, adequate guards are provided to prevent the rope from leaving the sheaves.

Limit Switches

Limit switches are provided of reputed make to prevent the rope the over lowering & hoisting.

Cross Travel Machinery

Cross travel machinery consists of motor totally enclosed dust proof gear box, brake etc.


The wheel of the trolley & the end carriage shall be forged steel conforming to IS-2707Grill duly spin hardened to 300BHN material. Double flanged L type straight tread type fitted with antifriction bearings for ease of the maintenance.

Bridge Girders

The girders are of plate welded BOX type construction designed to sustain all stresses arising due to vertical lateral forces with impact to which they are subjected. The maximum deflection of the main girder is limited to 1/900th span of live load including the weight of the trolley.

Trolley Track

Suitable square steel section tracks are provided for travel of the trolley. These are welded on the girders.

End Stoppers for Cross Travel Trolley

Steel end stoppers are provided on either side of the bridge to limit the motion of the trolley.


M.S. chequered plate / anti skid platform shall be provided for full length of one side of the bridge girder ( If required by client ).

End Carriages

End carriages are fabricated from rolled steel section/plate with adeaclate diaphragms & stiffeners to give a rigid construction. The girders with gusset plates are set on the end carriages & joined with bolt in rimmed holes wooden / rubber buffers are provided on either side crane and carriages.

Long Travel Mechanism

The driving machinery for the long travel motion is either single motor drive or twine motor drive.

Twin Drive Motor Arrangement

In this case, independent driving units comprising of motor gear box, brake etc. are coupled together & are mounted at either end platform. We are using our helical gear box for L.T. drive arrangement.


In this case, independent driving units comprising of motor gear box, brake etc. are coupled together & are mounted at either end platform. We are using our helical gear box for L.T. drive arrangement.

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