Explosion Proof Hoist Features:
This type can be considered as flameproof type. The outside explosion proof parts are made with no spark materials which make the anti-explosion be safe.

Characteristics are:
Small Volume, Strong Lifting Capacity, when there is full of explosive mixture in workplace, they can improve working environment and labor productivity on the precondition of safety.
Explosion Proof Electric Wire Rope Hoist is made of several of independent stripped components. They are easy to use, maintain, inspection, and they can shorten inspection period.
The Explosion Proof Electric Motor, Control Cabinet is independent explosion structure. Control button, limit switch, explosion proof lifting capacity. Limiters are all according to anti-explosion requests.
The components can be in common use generally and with good interchangeability.

Classification of hazardous areas
Explosion risk or hazardous areas are classified as follows:
According to the frequency of which an explosion risk situation can occur in the hazardous area.
The danger of the gases or media present in the surrounding area in terms of how low a temperature at which the gas or media will ignite and the volatility of the gas or media present.